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KSlips is a linux-based time tracking and reporting tool for hourly professionals.

Enter 'slips' which represent blocks of time done for clients, projects and/or tasks and generate reports for easy billing.

KSlips is released to the opensource community under the GPL. Feel free to download the source and modify at will. Or, maybe you just want a working product and don't care about the source - that's coming soon. Currently, KSlips is in active development and will be approaching a stable state sometime in the near future. If you are interested in KSlips or you're needs involve something similar, let me know.

9/30/2004 - I recently bought a Palm Tungsten T3 and have been searching for some time tracking applications. All are closed source and cost around $30. The bigger problem is that they only sync with Windows desktop applications that cost $50. Why aren't there any open source time tracking solutions for Palm OS? Another task for my list would be to implement a companion application for Palm devices that syncs with KSlips on your linux box. Take a look at TimeReporter from Iambic.

9/15/2004 - Currently, KSlips is available only from the Sourceforge CVS servers. This will change eventually once I get a periodic build system running. To get a copy of KSlips go here.

9/15/2004 - Web page updates: Added a Summary page and filled in a basic About page.

9/4/2004 - Initial web page posted.


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