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* KSlips is a KDE application written in C++ using KDevelop and the Qt GUI Libraries.
* It currently uses a mySQL database to store entered information.
* KSlips is in the alpha stage of development.

Short-term Goals:

* Get KSlips to a usable and stable state to track time and perform basic reporting.

Long-term Goals:

* Integrate KSlips with the resources of KDE (KOrganizer, Kugar etc..)
* Identify most-needed features and weaknesses and address.

Future Plans:

* Hook into the KDE Address book for timekeepers and clients.
* Import and export tasks from the task list in KDE.
* Export Slips/Import calendar events to/from KOrganizer.
* Store in some standard format instead of using mySQL?
* Develop multi-user support. (Attached to a single data store)


$Author: plombardo $, $Date: 2004/09/15 21:16:44 $